Monday, November 06, 2006

I have been reading Brian Glass' Blog about the descent of man and how that should effect your choices in the election tomorrow. In general I agree with his points (If you want to read them you should start at the beginning here). Man is very gifted at making a mess. I blame this on our sinful nature. It is not a question of knowing what is right. It is a question of doing what is right.
How often have we hear, or even said ourselves, I knew it was wrong/bad idea/etc, but I just couldn't help myself? Still, it helps to be informed, if one can be. I believe that I have the power to choose the right through the Holy Spirit. Perhaps you choose the right through self discipline, or maybe thought a Ouija board. Still most people base their decisions. on some type of information. So where do you get the information that you make election decisions with? From the candidates? Isn't that a little like having the fox guard the hen house? So from Political Action Groups that buy time on the television? This is not much of a step up. The local newspaper? Again not typically the bastion of rational fact that one might hope for. So if anyone is reading this I am interested. As you return from your civic duty of voting, please share with us how you go about deciding who to vote for? I am not asking who you voted for, but how you gather information to decide. What information sources do you trust?

May God have mercy on us tomorrow.
Pat O


Rick said...

OK, I'll start. My choices are guided by my thoughts and feelings. I base my decision on which candidate has positions that are closer to my worldview (usually through votes on legislation that I know about or debates if the candidate doesn't have a political record). And, failing that, I pick up a publication that I trust and see who they endorse. Integrity plays a huge part in this for me. If I believe the candidate is saying something to get my vote, I usually won't vote for that candidate. Unless I feel both candidates are doing it. In which case, I have to hold my nose when I vote.

I agree with something Chris Matthews said last night to the effect of: If we believe all the political ads, then both candidates are lying, cheating, foolish criminals... So how is a candidate to get his/her message out?

Unfortunately, even feeling the need to ask that question is, I think, very telling of the sad state of affairs we have right now. We should have trusted sources known to all. That is not what we have. We have partisan vehicles of information out there. You agree with the one which more reflects your sensibilities. And that is how most people choose their candidates.

Rick said...

One more post. I just read the blog you linked to. Yes, he does have small points that I agree with (not all conservatives are Republican, there are some Christians who are Democrats). But I think he misses the larger picture.

Look, if you wish to split the world in two (black/white, up/down, good/evil, acending/descending) then you miss something. I think his view is much too narrow as he applies this to politics and I think that is a failing of conservatives.

I disagree with his premise. Although liberalism may ascribe to the view that man is ascendant, it is not foolish or disregarding of history and tradition. Using his definitions, if the world changes, liberalism is probably better able to adapt to the new situation. Conservatism would try to apply traditional rules/norms to the new situation. And it may not work. Although the Bible is alive in the hearts of men, it is not a "living" work. The Bible is what it is and has not been added to in some 1800 years.

And making religion political is slippery ground. Religion can be a basis of someone's worldview (and hence, their political choices), but once you try to impose that upon others (through legislation), you run into some other interesting issues. And then there are traditional "conservative" issues.

Take the military. Military strength is a bastion of conservative thought. Yet, the military and military might is inherently anti-christian (as in against Christ's teachings). I would argue that conservatives take comfort in the discipline, structure, and absolute loyalty the military fosters. The allure of people working together to defend our ideals. To some, it is intoxicating.

But wait, aren't we supposed to NOT kill people? Aren't we supposed to treat our neighbor as we would ourselves? Aren't we supposed to turn the other cheek?

I think that his classifications leave a lot to be desired. And I think he needs to pray for more guidance.