Monday, October 02, 2006

Not All Bad

My last post might get one to thinking that I am down on Humanity. This was not my intent. It's simply an explaination why so many efforts that start out with the best of intentions go wrong. Human history is full of institutions that are created for good reasons, but still these institutions eventually becaome a problem in their own right. Why? Because they get big. As the size goes up, the effort required to fight the effects predicted by Chaos Theory increase. Eventually there is too much force, or too little resistence and they fall. Many remain fallen, some are reborn by a new vision and a new resistence. So what are we to do?
The secret is to keep things small. It is difficult to hide sloth or greed in a group of 5 or 10 people. As I said before these issues are hard to resist in an organization of hundreds or thousands. So we should look to create organizations that have a few members, say less than 100. We should focus on small business, local government, etc. It is in these organizations that innovation often occurs. These organizations are often closer to the problem and therefore can respond in a more surgical way.
Understand that this is not the most efficient approach. Small businesses tend not to make as much money. Passing laws at the local level is often just as much work as passing a law at the State level with substantially less pay off. Still, I believe this is where our thgoughts and time should be focused. Of course, to really make this work there needs to be an effort to return control the the local governemnts. More on that another time.

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Pat O
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